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What are Puppy Factories, and how can you help?

Jul 01 2014

Welcome everyone to my first blog! This is going to be one of many… You all know that I am very passionate about animals so my blogs will include lots of informative stories regarding all types of topics for you to enjoy.

This blog will touch on the subject of Puppy Factories and the importance of doing your research prior to purchasing your new addition.

Did you know that here in Victoria it is actually legal to run a Puppy Factory?

There are many people that run Puppy Factories throughout Victoria and many of these establishments are in isolated rural areas and operate largely under the radar.

Did you know that Denis Napthine, a vet himself, recently watered down laws stating that dogs can now have as many litters as the breeders require, meaning that they can breed their entire lives without proper Veterinary care and no compulsory vet checks? If you are a female, pause for a second and think about being pregnant your whole life.

Whilst being pregnant and having litter after litter they also have to live in filthy conditions, usually in a small cage with no exercise or socialisation and without a proper diet, and also denied the love and attention that they deserve.

The most common places that you would find a puppy from a Puppy Factory are pet shops and advertised online. The alarm bells should start ringing when a seller does not allow you to come and inspect the parents or the property, and try to make arrangements to deliver the puppy to you. Remember these people do not have the dog’s best interest at heart and are purely there to make money.

In my opinion these Puppy factories should be closed permanently, and with all of our voices we should be telling our politicians that these places are not acceptable.
We are the voices for these animals!

How can you help?

There are many of these dogs that are rescued from puppy factories by RSPCA, Rescued With Love and other animal welfare organisations, and if you are prepared to adopt a dog through giving them lots of tender loving care you will be rewarded with a great family pet.

Nacho's Bday 2014

I have personally benefited from rescuing a Puppy Factory dog – our little boy “Nacho” who has become our furbaby – and through patience, persistence and repetition he is now enjoying the life he deserves.

I will forever be grateful for having him in our lives. He rescued us as much as we rescued him. We love you Nacho!

So before purchasing please consider adopting…


For more information, please check out the following links:

I want Oscar’s Law – http://www.oscarslaw.org/

Rescued With Love – http://www.rescuedwithlove.org/

Close Puppy Factories (RSPCA) – http://www.closepuppyfactories.org/

Smart Puppy Buyer’s Guide – Smart_Puppy_Buyers_Guide_VIC.pdf


 “Give your Furbaby a kiss from Me”


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