We also have a separate photo album showing the beginning of Varek's Guide Dog journey - spending his first year with us!
  • IMG_3760
    Kiera & Ryder having some Beach Fun at Patterson Lakes
  • nacho
    Nacho loving it up at Phillip Island!
  • jazzy_ellie_mieke
    The 3 Girls – Jazzy, Ellie & Mieke enjoying my Pet Home Visit!
  • zac_charlie_nacho
    Zac, Charlie & Nacho having fun at the Off Leash Park!
  • reuben
    Reuben on the train for his City Doggie Day Out!
  • abby
    Abby enjoying my Pet Home Visit after her knee surgery
  • milo_rover
    Milo & Rover enjoying their stroll to the park!
  • munchkin
    Munchkin having a smooch on his Pet Home Visit
  • reuben_lexie
    Reuben & Lexie having some fun at Tooradin Foreshore!
  • zuess_nanook
    Zuess & Nanook enjoying my Pet Home Visit!
  • lily_amy
    Lily & Amy enjoying their Walkies!
  • buddy
    Buddy enjoying his Purrfect Getaway
  • kissy_happy
    Kissy and Happy enjoying their Frankston Beach Doggie Day Out!
  • pluto
    Pluto enjoying his Doggie Dayout at San Remo
  • bob_harry
    Bob & Harry enjoying my Pet Home Visit!
  • zac
    Zac having some park fun!
  • daisy
    Daisy visiting the ducks
  • poppy
    Poppy enjoying her walk around the lake
  • molly_xmas
    Molly quite content after having her walk
  • DSC04962
    Zoe our temp Guide Dog having a rest
  • DSC03351
    Varek our beautiful Guide dog Puppy
  • DSC05823
    Misty & Annabelle visiting the Lake
  • DSC04526
    Mojo our little rescue boy
  • DSC05483
    Our handsome boy Bonzai
  • IMG_0871
    Mitsi wanting to chase the ducks
  • DSC04975
    Olsen our cheeky temp Guide Dog Puppy
  • IMG_0994
    Abby waiting to taste test our freshly baked cookies
  • IMG_0387
    Nacho & Lotus posing for the camera
  • IMG_0731
    Misty & Annabelle relaxing after some play time
  • IMG_1022
    Mia being pampered at her home
  • DSC05268
    Edward with his favourite toy
  • IMG_1031
    Abby ready and waiting to go for a drive in the car
  • DSC04433
    Varek having a chew on his toy
  • IMG_1181
    Pluto enjoying his beach visit
  • DSC05160
    Proff our temp Guide Dog Puppy as cute as a button
  • DSC05817
    Annabelle having a play
  • DSC01402
    Lila such a sweet little soul
  • IMG_0576
    Nacho enjoying his day out at Million Paws Walk
  • IMG_0969
    Abby just about ready for bed
  • Image 1
    Misty just relaxing on the recliner after her walk
  • IMG_5514
    Abby loving her swim at the beach
  • IMG_0773
    Nacho having a well deserved treat