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When you organise a Doggie Getaway for your beloved Pooch we will welcome them into a safe, secure and family-friendly environment.

To help them enjoy their Holiday here with Us they will be fortunate enough to go on Doggie Day Outs whether it be to the beach, the park or even just a Walk around the Lake.

They will be spoilt like no other and given an abundance of cuddles and TLC without any extra hidden costs, where they will be in the comfort and security of our home and not locked away in a cage.

I will be there to take your Furbaby under my wing and they will be loved just like our own.


What you’ll expect at Pawselicious, with every visit:

IMG_3771Doggie Getaways will only be kept in the primary place of residence.

Premises will be securely locked at all times to protect your beloved pet from escaping.

Frequent updates via text, emails and Facebook photos (You can have a look at Pawselicious Pet Minding and check out our day to day activities!)

All animals in my care will wear an ICE (In Case of Emergency 24 hour access phone number) dog tag during their stay.

All animals are to be fully vaccinated, flea treated and wormed.

All animals must be of a non-vicious nature.

All Dogs must be Cat-friendly, as we have 2 lovely Kitties who share Our home.

Please keep in mind we are not a kennel, we are a friendly, loving and secure home environment and we take pride in our home so if your Pooch chews your furniture or digs up your garden, then chances are it is going to do it in our home which will not be tolerated, therefore, unfortunately, we cannot accept your pet. Excessive Barkers and Fence Jumpers need not apply.

Administration of any medicines surcharges will apply.

All arrival and pickup times once agreed upon must be adhered to otherwise further charges may be applicable.


To avoid disappointment, I highly recommend booking in advance for busy holiday periods as I do get Booked Out in advance.

Day Rate Off-Peak Peak
$35 $40
All rates are based on a per Dog per day basis.
Day rate is from 10 am arrival to 10 am pick up the next day (extra fees will apply outside of these hours)
Please note that Peak Periods are all School Holidays and Public Holidays
All monies will need to be paid in full on the day of arrival – by cash or 1 week prior if paid by bank deposit

Please note:
For all Doggie Getaways please supply enough food for the duration of your Pet’s stay, Food Bowl, Bedding, Lead/Harness and of course a creature comfort from home to remind them of home e.g: toys, blanket and a piece of your clothing.

* Please ensure upon arrival that your Dog is on a Lead at all times.

* ALL Pooches MUST BE toilet trained and we cater for Dogs over 12 months old right up to Golden Oldies.

* I highly recommend ALL my clients a free no-obligation Meet & Greet initially where you would bring your Pooch into our home as we too have our own Furkids who share our home with Us…

Deposit: To secure your booking Pawselicious will require a $50 deposit on confirmation of booking which will be non-refundable if cancellation is less than 14 days prior to your Pet’s stay.

(All Inspections Are By Appointment Only)


If you would rather have someone come to visit your precious pet at home, I also do Home Visits!

For booking enquiries or questions please don’t hesitate to call me on 0438 023 987, fill in the form below or visit my contact page!

Here are some of our previous guests’ Doggie Day Outs!

IMG_8477      IMG_6275      IMG_5109

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