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Catteries vs. Luxury Cat Boarding

Oct 08 2015

Wow, you are going on a holiday! How exciting!

There are so many things to consider when planning your time away. It’s pretty important to find a standard of accommodation that you and your family will be most comfortable with. Sometimes, it can make or break the entire holiday! It’s obviously most appealing to select the highest quality hotel or apartment you can afford, so you can have the creature comforts of home, as well as some other nice things to create the perfect holiday experience.

For most cat lovers, there is a sense of unease in what is the best thing to do with your feline companion while you’re away. This can make your holiday planning that bit more daunting. Everything else is done – but now who do I trust to look after my much beloved cat?

You’ll likely know of a couple of traditional catteries in your local area, you’d easily be able to find them by googling cattery or cat boarding. Most are quite similar in terms of the cage structure, with partitioned individual smaller cages side-by-side. Generally the cats can see each other, and they can certainly hear each other! If you’re lucky and book early you might be able to snag a cage with a secure outdoor run, but there’s either very few of these or none at all (depending on the venue). Coupled with infrequent visits and cuddles, you might agree that all this could create a stressful environment for a cat. Just like your family deserves a certain standard of accommodation, so too should your kitty!

If you think your cat deserves better conditions than the average cattery, then in-home luxury cat boarding could be a good alternative to consider. There are cat lovers that open up their home and their hearts to give your cat their “purrfect” getaway. At Pawselicious we have a sunlit, spacious purpose-built room which is climate controlled; complete with scratchy posts, toys, a homemade bed, hammock and plenty of hidey holes. If your feline friend likes the great outdoors we have a fully-enclosed outdoor area which is accessible from the room at all times.

There is a cat lover at home all the time, which means that cuddles aren’t scheduled, they are part of the experience; even an anxious cat will become more relaxed after a couple of days by lots of soothing talk and cuddles. Best of all, the service is exclusive to your cat or cats if you have more than one, ensuring a stress-free experience for both you and your feline friend.

If you would like to learn more or would even like to book an obligation-free visit, please check out our Luxury Cat Boarding page. Let us provide your cat the “purrfect” getaway!

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