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Wow, you are going on a holiday! How exciting!

There are so many things to consider when planning your time away. It’s pretty important to find a standard of accommodation that you and your family will be most comfortable with. Sometimes, it can make or break the entire holiday! It’s obviously most appealing to select the highest quality hotel or apartment you can afford, so you can have the creature comforts of home, as well as some other nice things to create the perfect holiday experience.

For most cat lovers, there is a sense of unease in what is the best thing to do with your feline companion while you’re away. This can make your holiday planning that bit more daunting. Everything else is done – but now who do I trust to look after my much beloved cat?

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Welcome everyone to my first blog! This is going to be one of many… You all know that I am very passionate about animals so my blogs will include lots of informative stories regarding all types of topics for you to enjoy.

This blog will touch on the subject of Puppy Factories and the importance of doing your research prior to purchasing your new addition.

Did you know that here in Victoria it is actually legal to run a Puppy Factory?

There are many people that run Puppy Factories throughout Victoria and many of these establishments are in isolated rural areas and operate largely under the radar.

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